Re-Wired (Wired for Love Book 1)

by Greg Dragon


Re-wired is a story set in the not too distant technologically advanced future where Androids and their operations are a regular everyday occurrence. The story focuses on Brad, a somewhat socially awkward college student who, in a fit of jealousy and depression, caused by slights both real and perceived from the fairer sex, embarks on a quest for the perfect female companion. Enter Tricia. However, Tricia is no ordinary girl! She is one made from titanium, servos and circuits rather than flesh and blood.

The story follows Brad and Tricia as they embark on a voyage of self-discovery and personal reflection. Brad is a geek who is socially inept. He wants a girlfriend and has a college project and is given the task of creating an Android. Due to the desire to create the perfect girlfriend he oversteps boundaries and ethics and finds himself in a compromising position on a slippery slope that only leads downwards. Can Brad recover and get himself back on the straight and narrow, or has he reached the point of no return?

Theme of the Book

The main theme of the novel lies with its poignant questions of relationships, social interaction between man and machine and our fears and mistrust of that which we do not fully understand, even that which is created by our own hand.

What I liked about Re-Wired

Personally I found the shining star in the novel to be Tricia, She is brought into this world, as we are, without truly knowing why or what her purpose is in life. Throughout the story we see her grow and develop. Her transition from a vulnerable and wide-eyed innocent to a strong and independent woman through her interactions with both the humans and Androids who inhabit the world, is a truly enjoyable and a well told aspect of the novel.

Another aspect of the story which I enjoyed, more so on reflection than in the original telling, was the main plot twist and how it ties the story together. It very much reminded me of the movie “Vanilla Sky” and its own plot twist.

What I didn’t like about Re-Wired

Without a doubt it would have to have been Brad. I was unsure if this was the author’s intention for the reader to have such disdain for a main character or not, however I found the character of Brad to be rather detestable. His overall demeaning treatment of Tricia, rudderless direction and downward drug fuelled spiral made him very unlikable. The character’s main redeeming quality is of course his genius in creating Tricia.

After finishing the book for the very first time I struggled a bit about with how this book left me feeling. I had immensely enjoyed reading about Trish and her adventures and personal development and the pace of the story was just right. However the book didn’t me and I think this was due to the above mentioned issues that I had with Brad as a character.

In conclusion, despite the unlikeable Brad, the book was enjoyable to read and I can definitely recommend it to people who enjoy the Science Fiction genre that focuses on the human element.

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