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Young Sarah is a woman haunted - not by ghosts, but by crippling exhaustion, post-partum depression, and the unending cries of her newborn daughter, Rebecca. In fevered snatches of sleep she imagines a Messenger from God, inciting her to unspeakable acts, and in her weakest moments his exhortations sound like sanity.

Estranged from her mother and suffering from a deadly disconnect with her own identity, Sarah doesn't know how to love her daughter any more than she knows how to love herself. Alone with her baby in a tiny, sweltering apartment, she will suffer. She will weep.

But she will also endure.

Unforgettable and truly unique, Rebecca takes hold of you on the first page and drags you headlong into the hellscape of a tortured young mother's mind - a journey that will end with unspeakable horror, or the triumph of a mother's love over darkness.

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Adam J Nicolai

Hi. My name is Adam J Nicolai. I write novels that come from the fear I feel every day, the wild hopes that drive me, and the things I wish were true. My writing goes to horrible places, places none of us want to visit. The problem is, in our nightmares and daydreams, while driving or showering or sleeping, we all visit these places anyway.

I write so we don't have to visit them alone.

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