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Red Velvet (Frisky Fantasies Book 2)


When Scarlet stumbles into the path of a shadowy stranger in the woods, her world explodes. The monsters she thought were stories begin biting at her skirts. The road to home is fraught with supernatural danger, but it's too late to turn back. The ancient darkness knows where she's hiding and to save herself, Scarlet might just have to turn into the scariest monster of all.

A world of primordial magic, where nothing but hunger matters. Scarlet fears her awakening arcane talents; powers beyond her control. Powers she's going to need.

There's a full moon rising.

Not for the faint of heart, Frisky Fantasies will sweep you into a dark world of obsession, magic and peril. The ultimate example of 'be careful what you wish for', these standalone dark fantasy novels are most definitely not for children.

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Faey Bonne

Faey Bonne is a collaborative pseudonym used by affianced authors John Riley and Felicity Partington. They wanted to branch out and explore a more magical world together and so decided to begin their Twisted Tales series. Letting their imaginations delve to the darkest of places and spinning popular stories into unrecognisable adult stories.

What happens when normal people, people with flaws, problems, undesirable traits end up mixed with magic? Can 'happily ever after' really be the end? And surely, happily ever after is subjective? One woman's happily ever is another's nightmare. What happens to the villains? If the good guys are perfectly good and the bad guys are perfectly evil it's clean cut. What happens when the good guys have flaws, make bad choices? When the bad guys do bad things for good reasons?

"We don't want to read about perfect people getting a perfect ending. We want to read about genuine characters coming head first with emotions, fears, magic and monsters and reacting accordingly. We want to read about things going wrong, about bad decisions. And since we couldn't find them, we wrote them."

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