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When Gus Albourne inherits Aunt Augusta's cottage in the Sussex village of Hangburton, he finds himself with more than a property on his hands.
Why did Augusta make Gus, her adoptive nephew, her sole beneficiary, while his late brother, Robert, the natural son, was left out of the will? Robert's widow, Elspeth, and disabled daughter, Jenny, are far more deserving than Gus, but when he tries to share the legacy with Elspeth, she refuses, hinting at a long-ago family feud involving Augusta.
It's a mystery, one which Gus must solve in order to make amends for his aunt's unfairness and help Elspeth. But an unexpected find in the cottage brings a new twist, leading him to the questionable story of his birth mother, Catherine.
With his own history fast unravelling before his eyes, the last thing Gus needs is a relationship, but when he meets Millie Hope it's impossible to stay away. Millie feels the same about Gus, but until she finds her missing daughter, Karen, her life must stay on hold.
When Millie's ex-husband dies, finding Karen becomes even more urgent. But there's more than one barrier to the search. For a start, there's Jack, Karen's terrifying ex-boyfriend. And then there's the reason Karen disappeared in the first place, which is less certain as time goes on.
Solving someone else's problems seems a whole lot easier than solving your own, as Gus and Millie discover. But just as the curtain seems set to fall on their respective dramas, more shocks are in store, and Gus faces the hardest decision of his life.

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Deirdre Palmer

Member of the Romantic Novelists' Association. Twice major prizewinner of The Mail on Sunday novel competition.

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