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Rock'N'Roll in Locker Seventeen


Thirty Years Ago one of the world's biggest stars simply vanished.
17 year old Steven White might've just found him.
Ricky Stevenson was living the dream. He was on the top of the charts, and on the cover of almost every fan magazine He had fame, fortune, a fast car and legions of fans.
Then one day he mysteriously vanished.
Nobody realized how much the pressures of fame were getting to Ricky. He had no privacy, few real friends, and a hectic schedule of touring and recording. Though tempted to lose himself in a haze of drugs and alcohol, Ricky was looking for more than just a temporary escape.
Thirty years later people were still speculating about the fate of Ricky Stevenson, especially Ricky's biggest fan, Steven White. Seventeen year old Steven is anything but your typical high school junior. While the rest of his classmates are perfectly happy spending all their time and money at the local mall, Steven spends his days combing the aisles of local thrift stores, and listening to oldies. He watches every Ricky Stevenson documentary, buys every book or magazine about the star and relentlessly searches for original copies of Ricky's records. Steven even tries to dress like Ricky because he figures looking like a teen idol could be the fastest route to attracting the prettiest girl in his English class.
Rock'N'Roll in Locker Seventeen is a novel about what happens to Steven when he discovers what really happened to the missing star. This discovery of a lifetime turns not only his life upside down, but his entire city's. Steven's odyssey takes him from Indiana, to Los Angeles, with the help of his friends, family, one seriously valuable classic car, and maybe even Ricky himself. Steven goes from a star struck 17 year old to a young man who realizes that sometimes all you really need is the life you already have. This is a new edition with punctuation errors fixed.

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Shannon Brown

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