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Rock'N'Roll in Locker Seventeen


What if you discovered the real fate of the world’s most famous missing rock star? In 1964 Ricky Stevenson had it all then he mysteriously vanished. Thirty years later the truth is discovered by an ordinary teen. Where has Ricky been? Why did he disappear? Rock’N’Roll in Locker Seventeen is a novel about what happens to Steven when he uncovers what really happened to the missing star. As the media invades Steven’s city and his family visits Los Angeles, Steven goes from your typical star struck 17 year old to a young man who realizes that sometimes all you really need is the life you already have. The perks and perils of stardom and the typical teenage experience collide with hilarious results in Rock’n’Roll in Locker Seventeen. An epic novel about music, high school, family, and life. This book is a fun fantastic tale of secrets, music, pop culture, humor and fun that will leave you wanting more.

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Shannon Brown

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