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Sandra Bass Joines

Sandra Bass Joines


Sandra grew up and lived along the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida until the mid-eighties when she moved with her husband and three children to Colorado.

Being born and reared in a small Southern town where humor and storytelling was a part of everyday life has provided her endless stories and a bag bulging with fodder for remarkable yet realistic characters.

Although Sandra loves the majestic Rocky Mountains and enjoys living in the foothills west of Denver, salt water flows through her veins and the Gulf of Mexico beckons her to return to the Gulf Coast of Florida often. Perhaps this is the reason The Plata Hartman novels are set along the beautiful, compelling Forgotten Coast of Florida.


Tears of Sand

Sandra Bass Joines


Taking place on the Northwest coast of Florida, Tears of Sand is a twisting and turning story of love and hope with a twist of Southern humor thrown in.

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