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Beatrice Sand


 My name is Beatrice Sand and I am the author of The Ambrosia Trilogy. I am happy to announce that House of Divinity, the third and final book, is now released. I hope you'll enjoy the series as much as I liked writing it. Thank you for all your reviews, kind words, and heartwarming messages. They mean so much to me. What to expect next from me? There's new work in progress: The Vandenberg Clan; a contemporary romance series of seven books, where each novel can be read as a standalone when it comes to romance. Book one, Hannah, releases June, 9th.
I'll keep you posted on my website and Instagram. Please join my mailing list for future releases.   
I wish you all the best, Beatrice  


House of Guardians: Paranormal Romance - Sons of the Olympian Gods (The Ambrosia Trilogy Book 1)

Beatrice Sand


What if you were destined to be with the son of Hades, but you were crazy in love with the son of Apollon?
"Is this really a demigod? I don't exactly know what my expectations were - it's not like I have anything to compare it to. But I certainly did not expect a demigod to be walking around in ripped jeans with a beat up face and complaining about a headache. I didn't expect someone with such sad, tired eyes. But I also know that under normal circumstances, that same face is flawless."

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