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Sarah Tun

Sarah Tun


Sarah has been writing fiction since the age of seven, when her school principal published two of her stories, which she wrote after being sent out of class for talking too much. Her ideas come from imagination and a love for people. She particularly adores teens and empathizes with them for the challenges, temptations and ambitions they face, with so much passion for life and so little experience of it. Her fiction always contains within it a theme of self-discovery or self-acceptance.

At the core of Sarah's writing is the message to be true to yourself.

As a believer and follower of Jesus for 30 years, she encourages others to discover their identity and to live out their unique purpose. Whether writing through blogs or books, she is passionate that people be free. For her, writing is a platform to excite, tease, and inform the reader into thinking for themselves.

As a parent, teacher and children’s worship leader, her passion is to see children discover Jesus for themselves, to express who they are, and to become all they are called to be in Christ.

For young adults, Sarah entertains while showing respect for her readers and asking them to dig deep into themselves.

For adults, she aims to rekindle the flames of youthful exuberance, idealism and faith, as her characters reflect and remind the reader of past ambitions, present perspectives and future hopes.

With a diploma in theology, degrees in drama and education, worldwide travel, and life experience from which she draws her counsel and creativity, Sarah writes with warmth, candor, and simplicity, making her insights accessible for all. She writes children's fiction, young adult fiction, non-fiction resource and personal growth.

A Canadian, Sarah lived abroad in England and Asia before returning to her native Ontario. Now she lives in Costa Del Sol, Spain, with her husband and son.

Her own life journey has brought her through highs and lows, always with a happy ending to every chapter :)


The Faithful Prince

Sarah Tun


The Faithful Prince is a story for young children whose families want them to grow in their Christian faith and character development. Preschoolers and those in the early primary years have the opportunity to meet a faithful prince who loves to celebrate God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit every day.

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Confronting the Darkness: Book 1 of Between Realities

Sarah Tun


Experience the world that we know exists but cannot see. Through the eyes of ten-year-old Jasper, discover the supernatural world of angels and demons, good versus evil.
What happens when Jasper's family disappears and she must find them? She enters a parallel world where she must face challenges to find herself. CONFRONTING THE DARKNESS is something we must all do, to discover who we truly are.

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