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Scialytic Shade (Sapphire Shade Book 3)


Scialytic: adjective ¦sīə¦litik Dispersing or dispelling shadows.

Four years after leaving the CIA and unknowingly reviving her nemesis from catatonia, Asiah Torricelli's crazy life has finally begun to settle down. Between running a successful private intelligence firm and finding time for her new husband, she barely has a moment to consider the daunting task of saving humanity from extinction- a task she has yet to begin. On top of all that, a face from her past has recently begun haunting her dreams.

Decades after Chase Brandon died at the hands of the ruthless sorceress Marysa, Asiah had finally made peace with the fact that she'd never see her first love in this life again. But to her dismay, she unexpectedly finds his face appearing in her dreams and even her waking moments, making her wonder if Chase is actually trying to contact her from beyond…

Faced with the possibility of Chase's return, a jealous husband and a vengeful archenemy, Asiah must use all the powers in her arsenal to prevent her life from once again erupting into chaos.

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Ann Serafini

Ann is the author of six books, including the Sapphire Shade series and one novella. A terrible English student in high school, Ann decided to pursue a career in the medical field to support her fledgling writing career. The storyline for Sapphire Shade has been brewing in her mind for several years.

She is a self-proclaimed Disney nerd, lover of board games, snowboarding enthusiast, and karaoke singer. She lives in the Denver area with her husband and miniature schnauzer, Guinness.

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