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Search for the Light: An Australian Saga (Currency Girls Book 1)


A moment's foolish mistake costs sixteen-year old Nora her freedom and her family. Sentenced to transportation she has to grow up fast to survive prison, the long journey and then life as an assigned servant in Van Diemen's Land of the 1820s. She is sustained by real friendships with other prisoners, Sarah and Helen. Can anyone of them overcome the pitfalls of convict life to become pioneering settlers of modern day Tasmania? This is a story of love and friendship amidst the trials of 19th century Australian colonial life.

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Rosemary Noble

Rosemary is passionate about books and history. Trained as a librarian, she worked in schools, college and universities passing on her love of books and research. Now retired, she works harder than ever. She is a director of Chindi Author's Network, supporting other authors to bring their books to readers. She lives in Sussex, England but loves to travel, especailly to Australia where three of her books are set and to Europe, merely a hop and a skip across the English Channel. 

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