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Seeds of a New Birth


Research geneticist and genetic engineer, Lionel Adams is on the verge of unlocking the vast reserves of the human mind. The head of the genetics research lab where Lionel works is excited about the possibilities and the potential mega-profits. But not nearly as excited as their foreign competitors who are counting on their inside man at Bio Vita to deliver Adam's secret into their hands.

Lionel’s research takes a dramatic twist when his college buddy, Flip MacDougal, makes a surprise visit to Bio Vita that leads to a laboratory accident with devastating results. Their world spins out of control as they struggle to deal with the massive breakdown that threatens, not only the project but the entire world.

Seeds of a New Birth is the first book in Orrin Jason Bradford’s Kindred series, science fiction technothrillers with a hint of romance. If you like Michael Crichton, Dean Koontz’s early fiction, and Hugh Howey, then you’ll love this series. It’s a character-driven, action-adventure story about an all-too-possible future where the highly volatile formula of genetic engineering coupled with corporate and personal greed threatens the course of human evolution and perhaps mankind's very existence.

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W Bradford Swift (aka Orrin Jason Swift)

Go to to join my Author's Reader Group & for a limited time receive a free copy of the science fiction thriller with a genetic engineering theme, Seeds of a New Birth -- book one of the Kindred Series. It's a great way to stay up to date on new releases and free book giveaways.

I became an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction as an eleven-year-old boy when my next-door neighbor, who was a children's librarian, took pity on my single-parent mom. Bored out of my gourd with no one to play with but good 'ol mom, I drove her crazy until Mrs. Crabtree brought home a stack of books she knew would hook a young boy and give my mom some relief. It worked. I've been hooked ever since.

For the past two decades, I've been conducting an experiment. Is it possible to create a new context for my life that I feel is "divinely inspired" and true to my deepest values, my sense of what's possible, and true to my soul and spirit? If it is possible, what will be the results? Will it enhance my life? Will I experience a true sense of purpose and meaning? Will I know at the end of the experiment that my life has mattered?

Becoming a writer of speculative fiction and non-fiction that contributes to people's lives, have been an integral parts of this experiment, as was co-founding Life On Purpose Institute with my wife in 1996, being a coach to assist others to create their own life on purpose experiment, and training other Life On Purpose Coaches.

Since selling my veterinary practice in the late 80's to pursue a career as a writer and life coach, I've published over 350 magazine articles in such publications as Family Fun, Boys' Life, Body and Soul (then New Age Journal), Yoga Journal, and Better Homes and Garden, to mention just a few. Many of these have been part of my pet writing project: Project Purpose: to write and publish articles about people whose lives are dedicated to a bold and inspiring purpose or vision.

From magazine writing, it was a natural next step to graduate to writing books, starting with visionary nonfiction -- books that engage and encourage while also entertaining. Then there are some dreams that hang around and won't go away, no matter how many time you push them to the back burner. That's the case with the dream that began as an eleven-year-old boy. That's where the other half of the equation comes in -- visionary fiction -- stories that, first and foremost, entertains while also enlightening and encouraging the reader to embrace greater possibilities in their own lives.

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