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Book Covers

People do judge a book by its cover, but covers are expensive, running into hundreds of dollars. We offer a number of book designers here who will create great book covers for your books, without breaking the bank. Please see the list below.

Wesley Souza

Digital Artist

My name is Wesley Souza and I am Brazilian. I was responsible for all the genre header images for the site One Stop Fiction. I do book cover of all genres, although the genre that I really like working with is the fantasy genre. You can see some examples: album&album_id=287527781431085

If you are interested in the rest of my work you can see my full gallery:

I charge according to the work, depends on the concept it is something simple or more difficult. My base price is between 250 USD - 500 USD (full front and back), but everything depends on the level of difficulty. If the request is for something simple, where I would take only a few hours to complete it, I could do it for much less than $250.

If you are interested, please contact me through

Wesley Souza book covers examples

Michelle N. Arzu

Digital Artist

I graduated as a graphic designer in 2005 and have worked in the field ever since, building content and advertisement for multiple companies and organizations around the world. I began professionally designing book covers in 2014 for my own works and the works of friends and clients. Being both an author and designer gives me a unique perspective on how the publishing industry works and the importance of having the right cover.

Books I have designed covers for have gone on to win multiple awards and become bestsellers.


Book Cover Prices:


$50.00 for an e-book cover, includes 1 stock image and 3 changes

$60.00 for an e-book and print covers, 2 social media posts/covers, includes 1 stock image and 4 changes

$80.00 for ebook & print covers, 4 social media posts, and 1 book mock-up, includes 1 stock image and 6 changes

$15.00 for each extra stock image.

All genres accepted. Estimated delivery time: 4 days.

Although I don't draw customize illustrations, we can work with a stock illustration, or make stock photographs look like illustrations.

If you plan your book to be a series, we can discuss an overall package.

Please contact me at if you would like me to do your next book cover.

Testimonials for Michelle Arzu Book Covers


"Michelle has designed a number of covers for me and she has been really great. She has been quick to respond to my emails and designs unique covers which stick out. She is used to dealing with people and is always willing to try and please her clients."

~Lincoln Cole, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Sharon Brownlie

Graphic Designer

Hi, my name is Sharon Brownlie and I am an author and Graphic Designer.

My covers are affordable, the covers I produce are of a high standard and my service is personal

Before I began to do book cover designs, I did a lot of research online and spoke to quite a number of indie authors about eBook covers. The biggest problem they found was the cost. An indie author’s life is difficult enough but when they have to face high costs for covers, it can be quite disconcerting.

I had a look at what was on offer and decided to do my own package - a package that has good quality images and is affordable. You can also buy a pre-made cover on its own without my package deal. Customised covers cost between £50.00 and £80.00 Royalty Free photos from Adobe included in price.


Pre made eBook cover £20.00/$25.00 free advertising on my WebSite page/hyperlinked to Amazon
Full cover CreateSpace £35.00 /$45.00 free advertising on my WebSite page/hyperlinked to Amazon
PDF & Jpeg
eBook package deal £45.00/$60.00 free advertising on my WebSite page/hyperlinked to Amazon
jpeg/ png,
printable copies
3D Mock Books for advertising
Unlimited revisions

If you are interested in having Courtney design your next cover or promo graphic, please contact her via