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When you have finished your book, and after you have self-edited your work you will need a professional editor to look at your work. We have a number of people available for this service. A list of whom you can find below.

Joanie Chevalier


Beta Reading Service

I will read your story and provide comments throughout, with a one page summary. I will look at plot flow and make suggestions if I see any inconsistencies.


$55 up to 50k words, $10 increments per 10k words thereafter.

Content Editing

I will evaluate the entire story, giving attention to:

  • how the story flows
  • discrepancies in the plot, characters, and dialogue

I will ask the questions:

  • Do the characters stay consistent?
  • Are there any plot holes, or a subplot that doesn’t fit?
  • Is the story readable, i.e., will it grab the attention of the reader?
  • Does the story fit within the stated genre, age range?

I will also:

  • Make comments/suggestions throughout the story
  • Point out any obvious typos
  • Provide a report
  • Editing Rates

    Up to 20k words: $230
    20k-30k words: $280
    30k-40k words: $325
    40k-50k words: $365
    50k-60k words: $395
    60k-90k words: $435

    If you would like to hire this editor, please ask for JC and we will put you in contact directly. You can contact us at for more details.


“I have a large, technical book which I have translated into English. I needed a proofreader for the final PDF files before publishing it, and Joanie both gave me a great bid and timeframe, and was willing to work directly with the PDFs, which was essential to me. The quality of her work is excellent, and I am delighted to be working with her.”
Wahhab Baldwin, Sufism is Christianized Islam: A Study of Sufism through the Works of Ibn Arabi of Murcia by Miguel Asín Palacios, translated by Wahhab Baldwin

“ was very pleased with the professionalism and value of Joanie Chevalier’s editing services. Her edits of my fiction manuscript were prompt, efficient, and thorough. She is sensitive to the author’s voice and doesn’t try to edit it away, while at the same time providing comments that are fair and helpful. Working with Joanie was an enriching experience and my manuscript is better because of her input.”
Holly A. Bell, Author of Trading Salvos

“I can highly recommend Joanie Chevalier's services. She is fast, fun, encouraging, and reliable. Her accuracy and eye for detail makes her a perfect choice and her clients get quick deadline turnaround, impressive thoroughness and a helpful professional attitude. I already plan to use her again and I wouldn't hesitate to commend her work to anyone else needing a professional eye cast over their work or suggestions as to plot or structure.”
C.A. Asbrey

“As an author, I get immersed in my work and that’s a good thing. However, the bad part is that I get tunnel vision: I get so wrapped up in my view of the story, I can no longer objectively see what I’m saying. Does it make sense? Am I clearly expressing myself? Have I missed other aspects to my tale? Joanie provides me with another set of eyes, an unbiased third party looking over my shoulder and telling me what a reader would see. What works and what doesn’t work. Have I hit my mark? Are there outstanding issues? Confused language, plot holes, even bad grammar? For me, Joanie is a valuable resource in perfecting my writing, giving me important feedback during the editing process. I recommend her work.”
William Quincy Belle, Author of Of Sound Mind and Someone Else’s Body

Bonnie Turner

Affordable Copy-editing & Proofreading


About my Business

I’m a professionally published author with a great eye for detail who can help you polish your manuscript before self-publishing or submitting to agents, editors, or business clients. I have more than forty years in the writing business. Here are some of my books.

How I Work

Upon receiving the manuscript, I read through it quickly to get an overall impression and determine how much work is required. Then I go over the complete manuscript with a ‘fine-tooth comb,’ looking for grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and other errors. If you’re familiar with MS Word’s “Track Changes,” you will receive the edited manuscript back as Final Showing Markup, with the edits along the right margin. You may then go through each item and either Accept or Reject the changes.

NOTE: Some writers prefer to read the complete Final manuscript, and if satisfied with that—and trust my editing skills—may Accept All at once. I’m always available to discuss my reasons for a change, and authors have the last word.


No rough drafts. The author should have some knowledge of the basics of grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Send your best and latest draft after you’ve self-edited as much as you can.

I prefer US authors and MS Word documents. (No handwritten documents.)

I will consider fiction, nonfiction, novels, short stories, children’s books (except illustrated books), e-books, and may help with e-book formatting and simple book covers if needed—I’ve taken art courses and love working with graphics, but I’m not a professional artist; however, feel free to ask, because I may have an idea you would like.

No highly technical, foreign language, science fiction, or other work that requires extensive—and costly—research. Some foreign words are fine, but the author must provide a stylesheet with the correct spellings of unusual names, places, definitions, and special expressions.

References: The Chicago Manual of Style, The Elements of Style, Associated Press Style, The American Heritage Dictionary, Miriam Webster Dictionary, and others.

Prices: Reasonable, Competitive and Fair

Having written and published several books myself, I know that many beginning writers cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars for proofreading and copy-editing. I want to help them by offering lower rates.

Book manuscripts: $5 per page. Includes both copy-editing and proofreading. Payment through PayPal. One-half on acceptance of manuscript and balance on completion. US only. Money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied. Free sample edit of 10 pages.

Thank you for your interest; I look forward to working with you. For more information, email Specify type of manuscript (fiction or nonfiction), genre, approximate word count, a brief synopsis, and 10 sample pages from the middle of the book. Turnaround is approximately 2-4 weeks, depending on the nature of the work and my schedule.


“I highly recommend the Copy-editing-Proofreading services offered by Bonnie Turner. Her work on my novel was prompt, professional, comprehensive and affordable. She is attentive to every detail and provides thoughtful suggestions. The result is a clean manuscript that can be presented to readers and agents with complete confidence.”
Daniel A. Smith, Author of Storykeeper (June 30, 2015)

“I highly recommend Bonnie Turner as a copy editor and proofreader. Bonnie has a keen eye for catching those pesky errors you thought you’d weeded out, and a wonderful “ear” for the written word. She found more than a few grammar and punctuation errors in the supposedly “clean” manuscript I’d sent her to edit. Also, she pinpointed many places where the writing could have been more fluent and succinctly worded. Bonnie’s editing provided the final polish my manuscript needed to make it ready for publication.”
Inge Moore, author of Racing on a Wire, other novels and short stories.

“Bonnie Turner’s keen eye and practical knowledge of proper punctuation, grammar. and sentence structure are a valuable asset to any novel in its draft stages or the final phase prior to publication. I highly recommend her as a proofreader and copy editor.”
Loretta Giacoletto, author of Chicago’s Headmistress and other great books.” (March 24, 2015)

“I highly recommend Bonnie. She is a professional with great skill at writing, editing, and proofreading. What's more, she gives 150% to anything she attempts to do. You are in very good hands when you work with Bonnie.”
Mary McPhee, author of Absolution.

Kathleen Lance

I’m an American currently living as an ex-pat. I have a Master’s degree in Linguistics and was involved in English language teaching for over 40 years as a teacher, writer, teacher trainer, and administrator. Although I am from the US, I am very familiar with standard British English as well as with American English.

My strengths are in grammar, spelling, punctuation, word use, and foreign language phrases. While I believe that each author has his or her own voice, I also believe that using standard English in narration is the mark of an author who respects readers. Using non-standard English in dialogue or in reporting a character’s written words is fine. In fact, it can lead to a greater understanding of the character’s background.

Writers I’ve worked with tell me I am a tough critic. I think English is a beautiful and expressive language and deserves to be used correctly.

Rates for editing

.03 cents (in US dollars) per word which is approximately $12.00 per page.

If you would like to hire me, you can do so through

Sarah Tun

Author Writing Coach
Developmental Editor
Proof Reader
Audio Book Recording Artist

Place of Birth: Sudbury, Canada

Citizenship: British/Canadian

Current Residence: South Croydon, Surrey, England

Languages: Primary - English; Beginner/Intermediate - French, Spanish


About Sarah

Sarah has spearheaded writer group sessions and small groups. She has a knack for finding strengths and weaknesses in pieces that will encourage and improve a writer’s craft. Her relaxed and friendly manner put people at ease. Her passion is to see writers become all they desire to be, bringing what’s inside the heart and imagination of the writer out and onto paper or the screen, improving the writer’s craft. Writers under her coaching are delighted and proud of their results.

“I am first a writer, second a coach. But I am not a marketer.”

WRITER: To be a writer, above all else, you must write!

Self-Published Work:

Constance: Peasant QueenFairy Tale for ages 8+In Progress
First Nations PeopleTheology/History2017
Confronting the DarknessYA Sci Fi Fantasy novel2016
Building Community
(co-written w Tom Blubaugh)
On-line Marketing book2015
The Faithful PrinceChildren’s storybook2014
Free To BeSpiritual Growth/Christian Living2012

Magazine Work:

She AspiresOnline Christian mag.
R TimesRevelation TV schedule mag.
Woman of HonourChristian Magazine UK
RAINDANCE-articlesFilm Festival Magazine UK

Coaching: Coaching involves encouraging other writers to write the best they can; exchanging constructive criticism hones everyone’s skills so that every writer grows. For Sarah, coaching includes developmental/structural editing, proof reading, ghost writing.

Lifetime Work Experience:

Group: Co-founder of Christian Writers Fellowship, a start-up writers group for Believers in Jesus; Member/Vendor for Authors Community, a world-wide on-line community of writers; Founder/Leader of Costa Writers Group, a group of Christian writers on the Costa Del Sol, Spain; Active participant of Kingston Writers Group, Kingston Canada.

One-on-One: Sarah has had clients based from North America to Europe, giving encouragement and tips, editing advice to other, less experienced writers.

Education & Experience:

Creative… beyond writing
Degrees in Drama and Education from the prestigious Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, followed by 8 years of teaching experience at the secondary level; theatre directing, stage management and acting in Toronto, New York and London. Former member of British Actor’s Equity. Television and radio presenter.

Diplomas in Acting and Theology to round out her background prepared her first for: professional acting and later: preaching and worship leadership. Applying her extensive presenting and recording skills from television and radio broadcasting, Sarah is recording her own novel and offers her voice and time to record yours too.

Life Experience Extensive travel around the world and living on 3 continents has added bonus educational experiences that have broadened Sarah’s creativity and understanding of people, and life circumstances. She brings her wisdom to every encounter.