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Shepherds: Awakening


Winner of the 2016 Lyra Fantasy Award, New Apple Young Adult Fantasy Official Selection, and Readers' Favorite Five Stars Award.

"We," he said, pointing to them both, "are Shepherds. We open the door to whatever comes next."

Aisling has always lived in her head, wishing for something more. Somethingbetter. But when she finds herself fleeing for her life in a world where reality seems flexible, it isn't exactly what she had in mind.

When her absentee father shows up there, she soon starts questioning her very sanity. But he explains it all. Who they are, where they are, and what the deal is with all the dead people.

And what's trying to eat them.

She has a name to live up to. If she accepts, it'llbreak her, and she'll have to sacrifice everything. In the end, there needs to be a Shepherd.

All she has to do is open a door...

A multi-award winning debut novel, Awakening is a unique coming-of-age fantasy for readers who liked Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials, or Neil Gaiman.

What readers are saying:

"I wasn't sure what to expect and I can't exactly tell you what it was, butI couldn't put it down. I'm a lover of fiction and fantasy and sci-fi and folklore - I'm sure this touched on every one of them. If you want something that is a relatively short read but iscompletely intriguing, try this novel"

"The plot ismagical. Unique and engaging - easily five stars"

"I simplylove this book"

"I washooked to the book and finished in one sitting"

"I was expecting the usual coming into her newly discovered powers formulaic story and instead I found this to bean amazingly emotional and captivating tale. A delightful story, beautifully written and full of warmth. Strong characters, together with a unique setting made for a compelling read. Highly recommended"

"I couldn't put it down. I had to know what happened next and why"

"This was sweet, sad, and good. I can't explain it any better. A quick read worth reading! It is afascinating idea"

"Brilliant book! Verygripping from the start! Fewheart wrenching moments!"

"This wonderfully constructed novel is somind enthralling and addictive that it's almost impossible not to read it in one sitting"

"Excellent read. Yourhooked from page one. Would highly recommend"

"Somewhere between Avatar, The Matrix and Dr. Suess, thisfantastical world draws you in and keeps you turning page after page after page"

"After reading the first few pages I washooked"

"I loved the heroine character as it made me laugh and her plot wasjust magical to me"

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Damian Connolly

Damian is a Science-Fiction and Fantasy author born in Ireland, but currently living in Bordeaux, France, where it's decidedly warmer.

His debut novel, Shepherds: Awakening, has won multiple awards, including the 2016 Lyra Fantasy Award. You can find all his books on his website at

When he's not writing, he also makes video games. Like, the *best* ones.

When he's not doing that, he's on one side project or the other, which generally results in not enough sleep.

He loves hearing from people. Like what he writes? Get in touch. Hate what he does? Definitely get in touch. No idea who he is? Find out, and get in touch. Outside of email, you can find him on Twitter (@divillysausages), or on Facebook (

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