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Sheriff's Blood (Rocky Mountain Lawmen Book 1)


Jonas Culpepper is the no-nonsense sheriff of San Juan County in Colorado, patrolling the vast empty lands with his 200-pound mastiff, Bear. His dedication has won him the respect of everyone on the right side of the law. But he is a fierce and relentless foe of those who cross him or those he has sworn to protect. So when the Durango-Silverton train is robbed by Mack Ellsworth and his gang of villains, it is Culpepper's duty to run them down and bring them to justice. But his job is made all the more dangerous when his enemies include men on both sides of the law. And when Culpepper's wife is kidnapped, hell comes to San Juan County in the form of one enraged lawman.

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John Legg

John Legg has had more than 50 Westerns published, including a number of series novels, and one book of Western nonfiction. He has also done a number of articles on Western history for national magazines. He has been a newspaper copy editor for more than 30 years. He also has edited novels, articles, short stories, and other works through his editing/critiquing service, JL TextWorks. He has an MSJ from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

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