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Shoe in the Road: A Boston Calbreth Novel


A young woman's struggle to escape a controlling, cheating husband takes her on a terrifying journey into Hell - Tate's Hell Swamp.

Reeling with humiliation and heartbreak after learning that her husband Charlie has slept with half the women in Mount Vernon, Kentucky, Boston Calbreth is on the run. She packs up her 1960 Coupe de Ville convertible, and with her grandmother's ashes in the passenger seat, heads south.

But nobody leaves Charlie.

She's dead wrong to think the coldest winter in twenty years will keep the campgrounds deserted. First, a scraggly cat with an attitude attaches himself to her grandmother's urn and refuses to leave. Then a green-eyed stranger with issues of his own shows up.

Feelings of passion flare and Boston turns to Caleb Dupree for comfort. Her bubble soon bursts as she suspects destiny isn't the reason Caleb keeps appearing. Seeking refuge in the small town of Apalachicola, tucked away along the Forgotten Coast of Florida, she fears she will never escape Charlie's wrath, and wonders if something as simple as a shoe can change the course of someone's life.

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Sandra Bass Joines

Sandra grew up and lived along the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida until the mid-eighties when she moved with her husband and three children to Colorado.

Being born and reared in a small Southern town where humor and storytelling was a part of everyday life has provided her endless stories and a bag bulging with fodder for remarkable yet realistic characters.

Although Sandra loves the majestic Rocky Mountains and enjoys living in the foothills west of Denver, salt water flows through her veins and the Gulf of Mexico beckons her to return to the Gulf Coast of Florida often. Perhaps this is the reason The Plata Hartman novels are set along the beautiful, compelling Forgotten Coast of Florida.

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