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Sitting Dead Red


What would you do if you heard the voice of your dead mother whispering in your ear?

For Royce Thorne, baseball is a release. The ghost of his mother, the death of his teammate, the abuse of his father, and the impending outcome of an alleged cheating scandal bring him to a critical juncture in his young life.

If not for a mentor noticing a talent in him that Royce himself does not see, as well as the love of that mentor's young daughter, Royce may not care to survive. Sitting Dead Red is a coming of age tale that is more than a baseball story. It's a story of a redemptive life.

Royce must find the power of forgiveness. Not in others, but in himself.

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J.D. Dudycha

J.D. Dudycha is a sports aficionado. He grew up playing a multitude of them, but fell in love with baseball. He is a former collegiate player and coach with over ten years’ experience at that level. His stories are filled with characters overcoming real life struggles; as he believes, everyone deserves a shot at redemption.

J.D. lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado with his wife, and two rambunctious children. He enjoys golf, fly fishing, and never met mountain he didn’t want to climb.

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