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Social Stories: Visual stories for children on the autistic spectrum


Children with learning difficulties are often visual learners, especially those on the autistic spectrum. Visual stories can lower anxiety levels and give a clear description to help the child develop appropriate social behaviour and understand self-care, different scenarios and transitions.

This collection includes over twenty visual stories to match a variety of situations. Written by a mother after extensive research and study for the use of her own child, these are now being offered in the hope that they can help parents and educators in managing challenging behaviour and reducing the child's anxiety.

Visit the authors website to find a limited selection of these stories available for free download in PDF and mobi format as well as other works.

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Christine Jayne Vann

Christine Jayne Vann was born in the Outer Hebrides and is a multi-genre author.

Christine works as a web developer, and lives in Oxfordshire with her family, hedgehog and various squirrels. She runs the exotic pet resource website Crittery, and also enjoys geocaching.

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