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Something's Rotten in Paradise (Maui Mayhem Cozy Mystery Book 1)


Two people are dead, and gourmet caterer and part-time amateur sleuth Ginger Lee may be responsible for the demise of one of them. But something sure stinks like natto because she knows she didn't mess up on this gig. Is someone trying to frame her?

With the help of her deceased kid sister Maile, Detective Pako Anzo, and a tatted dwarf's ghost, Ginger searches for the truth. Oh, and did I mention she sees dead people? Umm, and past lives too. Yup, she's an anomaly all right.

Find out what lies ahead for Ginger and her quirky crew in their debut of theMaui Mayhem Cozy Mystery series, because uh-huh, even paradise has a few rotten mangos.

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Aysia Amery

Aysia Amery writes light cozy mysteries with a dash of humor. Need a stress-relieving read? Let Aysia's cozies take you on an entertaining vacation to the exotic islands of Hawai‘i where she was born and raised and still resides with her hubby.

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