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When sparks fly, who will get burned?

Alex thought he knew what he needed--a summer on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona to focus on finishing his next novel. Just like every summer--write, drink wine, take his dog for walks. He never anticipated Josh, Cody, and a long forgotten mystery upending it all.

Josh moved to Arizona to help his ailing uncle George run his business during the busy tourist season. Far from the city and the world he knows, he find himself attracted to Alex but unable to fully commit. What is his true intention?

Cody is young and looking to make something of himself in the world. He may be from a small town, but he knows more about the world than most men his age. What secrets does he carry with him?

Love can start with a spark, but the fire that starts reveals secrets and mysteries that will consume them all.

18+ because of content.
Deals with the death of a non-MC.

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