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Spine Surgery Recovery: How to Prepare Your Home and Take Care of Yourself to Minimize Pain and Stress

Ready to Breeze Through Your Spine Surgery Recovery?
Not gonna happen. Not the breeze-through part anyway.

By implementing some easy, inexpensive adjustments, however, you can transform your home into a place of comfort and convenience for your postoperative journey. Also, by following practical guidelines for taking care of yourself, your recovery will be a WHOLE lot easier and considerbly less painful.

Are you concerned that your postoperative spine surgery stiffness and pain will be more than you bargained for and you will have to depend on your caregiver more than you anticipated?

Do you feel as if simple tasks like getting in and out of the bed or taking a shower will be difficult, causing you even more pain and stress?

And what about those post-surgical instructions from your surgeon and hospital? Do you understand the what-do-do's; however, are having difficulty understanding how to put them into action?

In this book you will learn:
How to get into and out of a vehicle
How to get home from the hospital
What NO BLT really means
The best way to set up your kitchen and living room
How to simplify the shower process
How to care of your incision
Tips for the toilet
Creative ways to dress yourself
How to take care of your laundry
About reactions and allergies to medications
About other medical issues that could pop up
About things to watch out for

Best-selling author, Sandra Joines, is an expert at successfully getting through spine surgery recovery and is aware of how you may be feeling, your concerns about how you will take care of yourself, and your apprehension about abusing the kind, generous help of your caregiver.

Spine Surgery Recovery is not about the author or her surgery, it is about you and how following simple steps will make a significant difference in your recovery.

What's stopping you from getting your home ready for surgery and learning easy techniques to help you care for yourself after back surgery to make your recovery period a heck of a lot less painful and less stressful, too.
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Sandra Bass Joines

Sandra grew up and lived along the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida until the mid-eighties when she moved with her husband and three children to Colorado.

Being born and reared in a small Southern town where humor and storytelling was a part of everyday life has provided her endless stories and a bag bulging with fodder for remarkable yet realistic characters.

Although Sandra loves the majestic Rocky Mountains and enjoys living in the foothills west of Denver, salt water flows through her veins and the Gulf of Mexico beckons her to return to the Gulf Coast of Florida often. Perhaps this is the reason The Plata Hartman novels are set along the beautiful, compelling Forgotten Coast of Florida.

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