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Stephanie John

Stephanie John


Most days, you'll find Stephanie John on a yacht, wearing a very skimpy bikini, drinking champagne, eating chocolate and never gaining weight. When she isn't asleep and dreaming, in real life you're more likely to find her at the school gates, wearing whatever she dragged on that morning, drinking copious amounts of coffee. She still eats chocolate, though - everyone has their vices, right? 

Somehow, amidst the chaos of full-time mummy duties, she manages to write. Contemporary romance has always been her favourite genre to read for as long as she can remember (age-appropriate, of course).  Never in a million years did it occur to her to write one of her own. Now, she couldn't imagine doing anything else.


Unspoken: A Short Story (Heal Me Series Book 1.5)

Stephanie John


My first rule of business-never mix it with pleasure.Ever.
One unexpected encounter with a new employee and that fundamental rule was forgotten.
With a single touch, Kara Collins obliterated the order of my disciplined life, forcing me to question everything I believed in. Intuition told me I needed her, ensuring I couldn't forget my second rule.

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Salvation (Heal Me Series Book 1)

Stephanie John


The first book in a powerfully passionate, breathtakingly sexy and completely addictive romance series.
Perfect for fans of Laurelin Paige Fixed Trilogy, Sylvia Day Crossfire Series, J. Kenner Stark Series and Meredith Wild Hacker Series.

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