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Strong Reflection: Book 2 of the Dark Series trilogy


"This is one of the best romance suspense thriller I have read in a very long time. The story flowed and kept me guessing. The end for Book two left me stunned. I then went back to read Book one. It was outstanding. I can't wait for Book three. Ms. Mckoy you are a great writer. Keep it up!" --Amazon Reviewer

"HANG ON" are the words to describe their road trip, relationship, and love!

Healing from her injuries after helping to take down the Newburgh Slasher, FBI Agent Ashley "Mack" Mackenzie decides to vacation with her former partner and friend, Catlyn Lyte before participating in her wedding. She needed to get her mind off her nightmares of the night her family was slain in a violent home invasion and the hot sexy dreams of her boss Director Kyle Strong. Fun in the sun is just what the doctor ordered. That is until Kyle decides to accept Jack Gard's invitation to also vacation with them. How can she forget her inappropriate dreams about her sexy boss if he was underfoot? And she could do without his habitual reprimands while on vacation.

Kyle didn't understand his agent's constant failure to follow his orders or policies and her reckless acts to get the job done, catching killers, rapists and the like. Nor did he understand his intense attraction and emotions regarding his agent. Almost losing Ashley to the Newburgh Slasher makes Kyle realize he wants a deeper relationship with her. Taking care of loose ends by breaking things off permanently with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, he joins Ashley on vacation to see if he can solve the mystery that she represented and to see where his attraction for her may lead. From minute one their vacation is a high action, thrilling, emotional ride with sexual chemistry off the charts.

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Cate Mckoy

Cate was born and raised in a small town about 60 miles North of Manhattan, NY.  She likes family oriented activities and was blessed with a large family.  She has been a Jane of All Trades, from a waitress to an AAA operator.  She was formally trained as a computer analyst and computer technician. 

Cate has a completed trilogy.  The Dark Series Trilogy (#TDST). 

Book 1: Guarding Light

Book 2: Strong Reflection

Book 3: Double Dark

Her trilogy has created a spin-off series.  The Dark Trilogy Series Spin-off (#TDSTS)

Book 1: Mackenzie's Song

Book 2: Dangerous Deceptioins (coming soon)

Cate is also a screenwriter.  She has authored 3 full length movie screenplays

Hudson Haven (Horror) 2014 (made it to the final round of judging in the Horror Movie contest with Cherub Films in 2014)

Forbidden Dimensions (Sci-fi) 2015

Blackout (Action/Thriller) 2016

She has also wrote a Criminal Minds Episode for the Stage 32 TV Writing Contest.  The script made it to the quarter finals before being eliminated.

After completing the spin-off series, Cate plans to make each of her screenplays into novels by the same name.  And, to make the original trilogy into audio books.

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