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Suppose: Lillian Dove Series Book Two


In this second novel of the Lillian Dove Mystery series, just when Lillian thinks she may have her life back on track, mayhem hits. This time, she is accused of murder. Her only choice-to prove her innocence. Only, she is dragged further into criminal dysfunction as the FBI requests her help, and a CEO with political ambitions believes he needs to get rid of her before she pulls apart his legacy ruse for greater power.

Suppose, offering comedic dysfunction, is not only a suspenseful mystery but an important second step for Lillian's self-identity--and possibly for the reader's. She needs to believe she will be abetted in her investigation to prove her innocence and that she can oppose those things or people which seem to overpower her.

Suppose: I came to believeā€¦

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D. J. Adamson

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