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Sword of Damocles (CSI Eddie Collins Book 3)


Some secrets never die.

When the remains of a woman are found in a burnt-out car, CSI Eddie Collins teams up with his enemy, DI Benson, to untangle the knot of lies behind this apparent suicide.

As a CSI in the Major Crime Unit, Eddie is forced to lead a disintegrating team that he can't control or tolerate, as they go up against a killer who will do anything to protect his past,and profit from it.

Solving the problem is difficult enough, proving it is deadly.

If you like fast-paced crime thrillers with a forensic slant, a 'killer' twist, and characters that reach out of the book and grab you by the throat, you'll love Andrew Barrett's Eddie Collins series.
To experience Eddie's struggle to uncover a long-dead secret buy Sword of Damocles today.

Praise for Sword of Damocles
~ My mouth was hanging open on the last page!
~ Hard-hitting and imaginative, this book is an absolute cracker.
~ The interplay between the characters is a delight.
~ TOP 500 REVIEWER - As always, Mr Barrett spins a great yarn
~A fantastically plotted tale of secrets and lies played out through snappy writing by well-defined characters. Definitely another winner!
~I was totally overcome by the revelations in the letter in the final chapter and it moved me to tears - not something I can recall ever happening to me with a book before.
~Easily compares with Jeffrey Deaver, Lee Child, James Patterson, Patricia Cornwell.
~Excellent, exciting, witty, dark.
~Another gem with a gripping storyline and surprises popping up with Eddie's work methods and exceptionally brave storyline.
~VINE VOICE - I was sorry to finish it and can't wait for the next offering from this author...highly recommended.
~I find that if a book is good, I get way too involved and feel that I am living the story which is what happened with "Sword Of Damocles".
~This could easily be the basis for a successful television series.
~This is my favourite in the series so far with just the right mix of suspense, humour and bittersweet moments.
~One of the things I like about this writer is that the ending never lets down the rest of the story which can happen quite a lot.
~What a superb read. Completely unexpected twist at the end. Kept me up into the early hours reading since I couldn't put it down!
~The Author does a fabulous descriptive job setting scenes up and you almost feel as if you're in the thick of it.
~Eddie Collins was very amusing, had me laughing a lot with his comments and I liked him from the start.
~This is a must read book and you are certainly in for a treat. The ending - WOW.
~It moved at a cracking pace and kept me guessing until the end.

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Andrew Barrett

I write crime thrillers, and have done since 1996, about the same time I became a CSI here in Yorkshire. All of my books are set in or around our biggest city of Leeds.

I don't write forumlaic crime fiction; each on is hand-crafted and home-grouwn to give you a unique flavour of what CSIs encounter in real life. Every book is rich with forensic insight but that insight never drowns the story; it's there to enhance your enjoyment only.

My thrillers live inside the police domain; they have detectives and uniformed officers, but they predominantly feature CSIs (od SOCOs as we used to be known). Come and live with us as we go about our sometimes unenviable tasks, and listen to the language we speak, see the things we see, and experience the emotions we feel.

So pull on your nitrile gloves and you face mask, get comfy and read on.

Find out more about me at where you can sign up for my newsletter and get free books too.

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