Grammar 101 for Writers: Sentence Structure

Hi Everybody! Grammar 101 for Writers started as an idea when Kathryn Bax sent out a request for people writing an article on a regular basis for One Stop Fiction, I immediately wanted to join. But what to write? I don’t have much experience in reading or writing as I only started writing less than two […]

Grammar 101: Grammar 101: Subject, Object & Passive Voice.

Let`s look at the subject of subject and object objectively. Sorry, I couldn`t resist. As I am learning English as a foreign language, I am always confused with the words subject and object. I often think the subject is the object, especially when the subject isn`t a person but an actual object. The word subject actually isn`t subjected but subjects the object to his action […]

Grammar 101 for Writers: Tenses

Tenses in language are used for time reference. There are many different constructions for time reference and not all languages use the same one. Basic tenses have a past, a present, and a future. Some languages have a past and a non-past (which is both the present and the future), while other languages have a […]

Grammar 101 for Writers: The Comma

In this grammar lesson, I would like to talk about that crucial comma. Even though the comma is such a tiny, little thing, it holds enormous power, able to completely change a sentence. Example: ‘Let’s eat Grandma’ vs ‘Let’s eat, Grandma.’ No need to tell you that it’s imperative that a writer needs to know where […]