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Tamara Wilding

Tamara Wilding


Hi there. I'm still fairly new to the whole Book and Ebook scene. It's been about a year since I tentatively tried out my first Ebook on the world. It's grown, I've grown. it's developed, I've developed, and now, my first is one of six books, in a bit of a silly, but darkly fun Dystopian Apocalyptic Medieval Fantasy/ 1920's Detective/ Science Fiction complete dogs breakfast.

It's fun though, and the Sci Fi, and Detective storylines don't start until Metacosmoclypse, which is book four, and unfortunately not an Ebook yet.

If you enjoy them, why not drop me a line and tell me so. If not, why not drop me a line and tell me where I went wrong.

And please do leave me reviews! The more honest sensible reviews, the better.