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Tess Awakening


In this fast paced action romance novel set during the second Gulf War in Iraq, Tess is a military helicopter pilot: beautiful, aggressive and relentless. Jake is a brilliant CIA operative that saves her from committing a mistake that could affect her career.
Amir is a wealthy, sophisticated but dissolute Iraqi general who initially captures Tess during a battle and becomes infatuated with her. Jake rescues her, but Tess has to fulfill a promise that involves taking something from Amir. In a globetrotting series of events, Tess and Jake attempt to go after him in Istanbul, Paris and London. Amir persuades her to spend time with him in France and England in exchange for what she is seeking. Here she meets Fadime, his alluring and decadent sister. In the end, Amir deceives Tess.
She returns to Iraq, flying dangerous missions and rescuing wounded soldiers. Eventually, she has to make a choice between the two men until an unforeseen event changes everything.

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Andres Mann

Andres Mann was a military officer and a business executive.

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