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Thames Valley Tales is a collection of original stories based on the author's experiences of living in London and Thames Valley towns. They combine contemporary tales with the rich history and mythology of an area stretching from London beyond Oxford into the heart of rural England.

The collection includes 'Maidenhead Thicket', selected as short story of the month by a US-based online magazine - described as 'a very nicely rendered story', and features the ghost of the legendary highwayman, Dick Turpin. 'The White Horse' is a story built around the famous white horse carving on the Berkshire Downs, recently dated as being 1000 years older than previously thought.

'Murder at Henley Regatta' is an intriguing whodunit, and 'The Colnbrook Caper' is a pacey crime thriller. 'The Grey Lady' is a historical ghost story, and 'The Merry Women of Windsor' is an updating of Shakespeare's classic comedy play.

Thames Valley Tales oscillates from light-hearted to dark historical and at times humorous stories ideally suited to bedtime or holiday reading that will amuse, delight and, hopefully, inform the reader about the rich history of the Thames Valley as it winds 215 miles from the Gloucestershire countryside through London and out to the North Sea.

The book also has a factual chapter describing the landscape through which the 184 mile Thames Path passes. It is a walk through history and the natural beauty of England that can be completed in 4-5 days.

Other stories include 'Runnymede Rebellion', recently selected for inclusion in 'Echoes of Liberty' anthology by the Agorist Writer's Workshop, which reflects on the legacy of Magna Carta and the true meaning of personal freedom; 'The Devil's Highway' deals with a section of the Roman road from London to Bath; 'The Seesaw Sea of Fate' follows two former work mates on a pub crawl through London, with many literary references along the way.

Each story has been thoughtfully constructed and the historical and factual references have been carefully researched. These stories were written over a three year period from 2012-2015, when the author was in a reflective mood at home whilst battling various medical problems including cancer. A common theme, life along the Thames Valley, became apparent in early 2015 when the book started to take shape.

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Tim Walker

Tim is an independent author based near Windsor in Berkshire, UK. He recently self-published his first novel, a post-Brexit thriller, Devil Gate Dawn, set ten years in the future. He is currently writing an historical fiction series set in the post-Roman years between AD410-500, A Light in the Dark Ages, and has published the first part, Abandoned! Part Two, Ambrosius: Last of the Romans is due out later this year.


The River Thames was the inspiration for his first book, a book of short stories, Thames Valley Tales, from which a revised version of the story in this volume is taken. This collection of fifteen contemporary stories combines modern themes with the rich history and legend associated with towns and places along the Thames Valley. Two stories from this book have been selected to feature in anthologies:-

Murder at Henley Regatta was included in an anthology of emerging writers, 'Fresh Ink'.

Runnymede Rebellion was included in an anthology, 'Echoes of Liberty' published by the Agorist Writer's Workshop.

'El Dorado' was included in 'Holiday Heartwarmers' christmas short stories anthology, December 2016.

So far, in 2017, he has published his first children's book, co-authored with his daughter, Cathy, called 'The Adventures of Charly Holmes'.

Part two of 'A light in the Dark Ages' series is with the copyeditor and should be out in February.

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