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The Angate Conspiracy: Guardians of Reyth. Volume 2


While the Xiantu quietly invade the port city of Bein, Tyreen's attention is on the snow mountain that has appeared near the Perrestian town of Angate. The creatures within it will kill everyone in the town if not destroyed.
Lord Jareth sends Tam and Crystu, along with a small force of Sorcerers, Warriors, and Soldiers to save the town, but there is a deadly conspiracy at work in Angate which threatens all of them.
Meanwhile, Seldar and Trerin, on their way to Bein, begin to realise that something is very wrong in the Kingdom of Light...

Volume 2 of the epic fantasy series Guardians of Reyth. Story continues in Volume 3, due 2018.

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Joan Lightning

I'm a 50-something English Christian, archaeologist, martial artist, runner, knitter, photographer, and general excentric.
I also write High Fantasy.

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