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The Anomaly (Scarrett & Kramer Book 2)


Ben Scarrett's first impressions of Scotland aren't all that good. The bad weather is one thing, but talking to a trawlerman who's been dead for six months and seems to be possessed by a Norse god makes Ben want to get back to England as soon as he can.

But England's got its own share of oddities; like the undead roaming country houses, giant trolls eating horses and the bewitchingly beautiful Moira - a woman who can walk through walls.

Oh, and his partner, Joanne Kramer, has managed to get into a parallel universe and it looks like there's no way back.

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Neil Carstairs

Neil Carstairs lives and works in Worcester, UK. He writes and self-publishes novels that fall mainly in the Supernatural Thriller genre but his short work covers the full range of Speculative Fiction.

His fourth novel, The Anomaly will be published in March 2017. This is a follow up to his 2016 novel The Creator and will form part of series of novels featuring the characters Ben Scarrett and Joanne Kramer

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