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The Blood of Before (The Bones of the Earth)


(Book .1 in The Bones of the Earth series)

The Blood of Before
Scott Hale

is an anthology of six interconnected horror stories that take place before The Bones of the Earth series.

A mother, called across the Victorian countryside, to return to her family estate and the violent lineage she left behind.

The writings of a supernatural investigator sent to explore a village where people die day by day, and the dead refuse to stay buried.

A college graduate, recently fired and drowning in debt, who agrees to babysit her former professor's child-unaware she might become the boy's new favorite plaything.

The egotistical writer of a self-published, self-indulgent horror magazine who follows a lead to a house where a family was murdered, and the murderer who still resides there.

In the depths of a swamp, children are seen carrying body parts to an island covered in satin, and the woman who lies at its center, gorging herself on their fleshy tributes.

A family fractured by hate and distrust come to discover that the grandfather clock they've purchased is chiming out madness at the midnight hour, causing their love and hate to come together in one hideous, parasitic union.

From the darkest violence to the blackest humor, The Blood of Before is a glimpse into the horrors that led up to the Trauma and continue to affect the world of The Bones of the Earth.

If The Blood of Before doesn't make your heart stop...
you're already dead.

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Scott Hale

It all started when Scott was ten and his mother wouldn’t let him see a movie he had no business seeing. Thinking he knew everything (because what child doesn’t know everything?), Scott decided to show his mother just how mature he was by writing his own take on the movie. It didn’t matter that Scott had no idea what he was doing—after all, he’d only seen the previews—nor did it matter that Scott only ended up validating his mother’s stance by writing a story just as gory as she thought the movie would be. What mattered was the fact that Scott had discovered something: he loved to write. And now that he knew he loved it, he finally had something he could do with all those strange ideas that were constantly running through his head. For the longest time, Scott considered himself a literary writer, but after many years of bad poetry and unfinished novels, he realized it was not meant to be. His true passion, he discovered, was genre fiction. Scott had been raised on Science Fiction, Fantasy, and, most importantly, Horror. And at the end of the day, it was in these strange and fantastic worlds that Scott was most comfortable, and most inspired. It seemed only fitting he should then return to them and add his own worlds to the universes there, for others to explore and revel in their terrifying beauty. Scott started with screenplays and then moved onto short stories and novelettes. When he had a sizable body of work, he began linking each screenplay, short story, and novelette, so that they existed within the same world, creating a rich tapestry of characters and plots. And then he realized these works were building towards something: an even greater story, one which could not only benefit from the intricate timeline of supplemental material, but one that could be expressed fully through the use of the same genres that had informed Scott’s creations all his life: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. That’s when he started The Bones of the Earth, his first novel and the first part of his post-apocalyptic fantasy/horror series. Today, Scott works ceaselessly on the follow-up to "The Bones of the Earth" and its companion novel.

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