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The Blue Moon Caper: A Damien Dickens Mystery (Damien Dickens Mysteries Book 5)


Another coast-to-coast challenge for the Dickens Detective Agency.

When Bruno Caravaggio confesses to a murder he didn’t commit, Damien returns to Atlantic City to find the killer and clear his friend’s name. His task is complicated by Bruno’s desire to protect his mother, and her equally strong instinct to defend her son.

While Damien is away, Millie agrees to look into the claim of an eccentric Carmel-by-the-Sea resident that her children are trying to poison her. Her investigation leads her to Rancho Luna Azul, which sells its meat at several farmers markets in the area.

As she explores the connection between Rancho Luna Azul and the poisoning claim of her client, Millie becomes enmeshed in the FBI’s probe of a drug distribution ring operating out of the same premises. Risking capture - and possible death - at the hands of the drug ring, Millie bluffs her way inside and collects the evidence the FBI needs to complete its case.

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Phyllis Entis


Phyllis Entis is the author of the Damien Dickens Mysteries series, which includes The Green Pearl Caper, The White Russian Caper and The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper. Her debut novel, The Green Pearl Caper, was a Library Journal SELF-e Selection. Phyllis is a free-lance writer and retired food safety microbiologist with degrees from McGill University and the University of Toronto. In 2007, ASM Press published her non-fiction book, Food Safety: Old Habits, New Perspectives. Phyllis lives in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California with her husband and their Australian Cobberdog, Shalom. When she’s not writing, Phyllis usually can be found walking around town, browsing in the local library, or enjoying her garden. 


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