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The Bones (The Parliament House Books Book 3)


A defendant no one believes. A truth no one can face.Can a maverick lawyer find justice for an innocent mother and her child ?

As an Advocate in Scotland's Parliament House, Brogan McLane has dedicated his life to the pursuit of justice. His unorthodox methods and humble roots have earned him the reputation as a crusading maverick. And with that reputation come powerful enemies....

When McLane agrees to defend a mother accused of abusing her infant child, he finds himself up against a prosecutor with an axe to grind.Kenneth Karl Richardson Q.C. was born into wealth and privilege. Richardson believes he is superior to McLane by birthright. and he intends to prove it in court. Using the outdated science of so-called 'Medical Experts', and playing up the defendant's troubled past, Richardson hands McLane and his client a crushing defeat....

But McLane refuses to give up. He knows his client is innocent, and he has one chance left to prove it; he must win her case on appeal. To mount his defense, McLane must unearth a new bud on an old branch of medical science. But will it be enough to make the jury see his client as a grieving mother, rather than an abusive drug addict ? If he fails, an innocent woman will be sentenced to 35 years in prison. One year for every fractured bone in her suffering child's body...

The Bones is a standalone novel in the addictive Parliament House Scottish crime series. If you like crusading lawyers, medical mysteries, and courtroom drama, you'll love this gripping legal thriller.

Can Scotland's most determined lawyer stop an innocent mother from losing her child ? ReadThe Bonesto find out today.

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