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The Boots: The third prequel in The Parliament House Books series


In Parliament House, Brogan McLane is Boots of Faculty, meaning he is the latest person to proudly add their name on the Roll of Advocates. After many years of prize-winning study and training for the Scottish Supreme Court, he's thrilled. But he doesn't yet have any cases to work on.
A senior police officer, Chief Inspector Terry Imrie, is facing a Discipline Tribunal for making a minor mistake which let a scumbag who beat and robbed an old couple in their own home, walk free. But his top lawyer is stranded in court in another case. The Dean of Faculty instructs McLane to take Imrie's case. McLane is full of enthusiasm until he sees under the Tribunal Table a line of highly polished black police boots; waiting to boot out the guilty man.Horrified that such a minor mistake can lead to such awful consequences for an honest police officer, McLane thinks he sees a way of interpreting the Police (Scotland) Regulations his way. But
will the Scottish Supreme Court agree with him? Can McLane really get the law changed in a way that leads to his client being re-instated and the scum being re-arrested and jailed for his awful crime?

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