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The Creole Bride and Her Louisiana Gentleman (Caribbean Romance Trilogy Book 1)


Adele Bajoliere was only ten years old when she and her family fled the violence of the Haitian Revolution. Their sojourn took them across the Caribbean, from South Carolina to Jamaica to New Orleans. Adele, struggling with all the fears of the exile, isn't sure what to make of a handsome young man clad in buckskin named Wilder, whom she meets in the streets of the dusty, primitive settlement of New Orleans. But when her struggle to help a man injured almost to the point of death brings her and Wilder together, Adele must learn what it means to finally cast off fear.

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Celia Lane

Celia Lane is a Christian author and blogger dedicated to helping women grow to be who they want to be in Christ. Her fiction features Christian women who battle their times and places to honor God, just as we do in our lives today. 

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