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The Crystal Crux: Betrayal


First book in the series : Pero de Alava, a caballero in medieval Italy, sins against the powerful Fabbro family in Parthenope (Naples) and suffers self-inflicted consequences. His plans to wed Anthea Manikos unravel. His best friend, Francis Whitehall, the Griffin, can't reach him. He accepts no advice from anyone. He curses God and accepts a suicidal quest on Eagles Pass, christening himself a scapegoat for his people.
Will his quest into hell help him right his mind and restore his faith or will his jealousy and fear of the wicked drive him to be as unjust as those he despises?
The Crystal Crux - Betrayal is the first day of a ten day adventure. Unsheathe your sword and start the journey here.

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Allen M Werner

I am AM Werner from southeastern Wisconsin, the author of the Historical Fantasy series, THE CRYSTAL CRUX. While being a follower of the Sacred Name YHWH, I also have a passion for all things Medieval. I study Roman, Greek and Norse history and mythology as well as Native American studies. I am a past winner of a WRWA Jade Ring for an article I wrote at the bedside of my brother who died of complications from Muscular Dystrophy. I am married with three beautiful daughters, three wonderful grandchildren and a whole host of extended self-proclaimed children and grandchildren.

There were a limited number of authors I could locate and enter on this site as befit my style of writing so I will expound on some more of them here. I think you will find that my books are similar in style and scope to works by Jack Whyte, Michael Crichton, Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman, R.A. Salvatore, Terry Brooks, Steven Erickson, Joe Abercrombie, Brian Jacques and Herbie Brennan.

I read and study history and mythology and than try to meld the two together creating Historical Fantasy, the supernatural apparently fitting seamlessly into reality.

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