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The Dead Of Winter


"Like watching a full season of Broadchurch" -

A kidnapped baby! A runaway teenager! A neighbourhood on the brink of being unmasked!

When a six month old baby disappears from his cot, a community is thrown into turmoil. The finger of blame is cast so easily, but one house on Golf Road conceals a secret that is about to blow the truth wide open.

Gripping, suspenseful and chilling to the bone, the families in this small community are about to find their lives changed forever.

What reviewers have said about The Dead of Winter:

"Wonderfully fresh and intriguing"
"Fast paced with lots of twists and turns"
"The author has a truly suspenseful style"
"Explores the difference between adult and child morality"
"Utterly compelling"
"Very realistic"
"I imagined it could easily find its way to the big screen or TV"
"A great read that lifts the lid on contemporary British society"
"An explosive ending which tied everything up"
"A gripping thriller, a psychological study and a philosophical commentary"

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Billy McLaughlin

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