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The Demon Inside: Book 2 In The Infernal Aether Series


How can you save the world when it's impossible to tell friend from foe?

London, 1868.

Augustus Potts is in trouble. The runic sword that gives him his supernatural powers is also turning him into the one thing he fears and despises the most: a demon.

He's not the only one: N'yotsu, the one-time saviour of mankind, realises that the only way he can survive is to turn back into the evil demon Andras.

When his closest friends and allies start to disappear, Augustus finds himself in a race against time to save his soul as well as the whole world.

For the Fulcrum is fast approaching, bringing a new magical Dark Age which will expose mankind to the full terrors of the Aether. More and more powerful demons are materialising on Earth, and it will not be long before humanity is overwhelmed.

In this most desperate of times, when the line between good and evil is not just blurred but torn to pieces, could mankind's greatest enemy also be our only hope?

The Demon Inside is the second book in Peter Oxley'sInfernal Aether Series, a dark gothic fantasy set in Victorian London described as "fantasy at its best", "epic" and "no holds barred". If you like electrifying action, rich characters and demons galore, then you'll loveThe Demon Inside.

Pick up The Demon Inside today and immerse yourself in the adventure!

Praise for Book One: The Infernal Aether

"Steampunk meets sci-fi fantasy horror with a great deal of magic weaving it all together in a real page-turner. With unpredictable twists and characters that I loved and loathed in equal measure it was a thoroughly enjoyable book which I devoured in one sitting. I can't wait to see what happens next."

"Epic, Epic, Epic, this story was so good I couldn't put it down and was sad that I reached the last page."
-Aviar Savijon, Goodreads

"This no-holds-barred story features golems, bizarre devices, clockwork entities, an airship, soul-suckers, and more (including a cameo by Charles Dickens) and is told with wit and a touch of humor."
-Kathy Burford,

"An awesome read. The author definitely has a handle on his art as a writer. Do yourself a favor and read it and everything he writes."
-Alan McDonald,

Praise for Book Two: The Demon Inside

"The Demon Inside is one tale you don't want to miss! Steampunk, touch of horror, humor, fantasy creatures, action, adventure, and just plain fun reading. I loved this book! Great plot, loads of twists and wonderful characters of all sorts, and refreshing new fantasy."
-Montzalee Witmann,

"Strong captivating characters, a page-turning plot: The Demon Inside is an overall great read."
-Victoria Palmer,

"This was an amazing book. I enjoyed its dark and intriguing atmosphere. The characters are well developed and the story is well developed. The second in this series and it seems to have gotten better with this instalment. Recommended."
-Alina Hart,

"I was caught up in it from the very first paragraph. There is lots of action and some surprising twists. I really enjoyed it. Definitely worth a read."

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Peter Oxley

Pete Oxley is a writer and public speaking coach who lives in the English Home Counties. He enjoys reading and writing in a wide range of areas but his main passions are sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction and Steampunk. His influences include HG Wells, Charles Dickens, Neil Gaiman, KW Jeter, Scott Lynch, Clive Barker and Joss Whedon.

He is the author of the historical fantasy novels "The Infernal Aether" and "The Demon Inside". Book 3 in the series, to be titled "Beyond the Aether" will be out summer 2017. You can get a free copy of "A Christmas Aether", the follow-up novella to "The Infernal Aether" by joining Pete's readers list at

In non-fiction, Pete is the author of "The Wedding Speech Manual". Check out for free guides and access to Pete's exclusive wedding speech training course.

He lives with his wife, two young sons and a slowly growing guitar collection. Aside from writing and willingly speaking in front of large crowds of strangers, Pete spends his spare time playing music badly, supporting football teams that play badly, and writing about himself in the third person.

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