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The Devil's Bridge


A spine tingling tale of evil as imminent death faces a soldier in a WW1 trench. When a strange mist appears to him he believes it is benign. It offers the soldier survival if he will do its will. What a choice! Death or survival? It's a no-brainer. He agrees. He will see his lover, a front line nurse, again if the mist keeps its word. The mist is not benign. It hides something terrible within. His lover's life is forfeit if he fails to obey the evil orders of the mist. The soldier must try to outwit the evil entity without it realizing. But can a mere mortal defeat such a powerful presence? He knows he must try.

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Fran Connor

 Fran has seven full length novels published and a series of eight novellas. He writes in several genres, Action Adventure, Thriller, Historical, Fantasy but Romance is always at the core. Asked why he writes Romance he simply says it's because he's a Romantic. 

This British author living in France claims he's there for the inspiration that finds its way into his novels from the vineyards, ancient hill top villages and lifestyle. Actually it's probably just an excuse to enjoy the wine and sit in the sun.

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