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The Devil You Know


'A moving, gripping and at times disturbing thriller with the rich scene setting we have come to expect from Alex Breck. A real page turner, it keeps you guessing the outcome till the very end.'R.E. McClure

No amount of money can disguise the fact that wealthy twenty-eight year old Lachlan Maclean is physically and morally repugnant to all who know him.

A broken human being and a killer, only a sick mind such as his could think up the experiment that he calls The Project. His aim is to excavate the deep depravity of the human condition, to create a grisly televised record of the true blackness at the centre of our bestial heart. The ultimate reality show.

Instead Lachie unearths a treasure trove of spontaneous and unaffected joy and light. For the first time in his wretched existence he feels the power and the beauty of genuine love and perhaps even a chance at redemption.

But the beast had been lurking in the shadows after all, a brooding evil borne of one of mankind's blackest nights.

Now in a dark race against time and tormented by the forces of good and evil, Lachie is possibly the only man on earth who can save his precious new family.


'I liked the fact that the main character was different to anything I've read before and that the bad guys were truly horrible.
The author obviously believes in writing strong characters for women and so this was a huge plus for me as was the idyllic island location
Amazon Customer

'I was genuinely surprised by the plot twist at the end.Amazon Customer

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Alex Breck

I was born in Scotland in 1962. I somehow managed to obtain a M.A. from Aberdeen University. The many paths I've trodden since then include driving an ice-cream truck in Kansas, banking in San Francisco and teaching English (badly) in Madrid. I've been a director of both a health club and a meat factory but would stress there was no obvious connection between the two. I currently live quietly on the beautiful West Coast of Scotland where I like to ride my bike up and down hills much to the consternation of my family. The name Alex Breck is a pen name using an old family name and that of a historical ruffian who might be found in the fine novel Kidnapped.

I have published two Ridge Walker adventure thrillers. The first 'He Who Pays The Piper' is largely set in Central America and the sequel 'The Piper's Lament' is set mostly in Northern Pakistan. I am currently writing the third in the series which takes place in and around Tokyo.

In addition to the Ridge Walker series I've recently published a stand-alone thriller set in Scotland called 'The Devil You Know' which is an everyday tale of psychopathic stretch-limo drivers and anthrax-laden cow heads.

Switching between the uncompromising streets of the Mean City and the seemingly idyllic beaches of a deserted island, 'The Devil You Know' gives two fingers to the pervasive 'reality-TV' culture we are all mired in today.

Can light come from darkness?

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