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The Dragonfly Grove (The Innocenti Saga Book 2)


The year is 1348.

The plague is set to sweep through England, leaving disaster in its wake.

Unaware of what awaits her, Agnes is in love and about to marry Ted. But soon her life will be torn apart and nothing will ever be the same again.

Jennifer's life has changed for the better since she arrived in Italy. She's put her past behind her and can finally look forward to a brighter future with boyfriend Francesco and her Italian relatives. If it wasn't for the disturbing visions she keeps having of a pregnant young girl.

Who is she? Is she a part of the Innocenti family and, if so, what is her connection to the Dragonfly Grove?
Jennifer knows she must once again travel to the past to find the answers to her questions, but this time she's afraid she won't be able to come back.

Following on from The Healer's Secret, this much-anticipated sequel will take you to medieval England for a breath-taking journey through time.

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Helen Pryke

Born in England, I have been living in Italy for the last 27 years. While it was easy to get used to the food, the climate and culture were quite a different matter! And I do miss Marmite and Cheddar cheese!

I work as a professional freelance translator - I have translated an Italian writer's book and screenplay into English. The screenplay is currently winning awards in America! 

Walls of Silence is my first novel, and I've published two short stories. I've also written two children's books that I hope to publish later this year. All my books and stories are translated into Italian.

I also work hard to make people aware of domestic violence and how women in these situations can find help, partly due to personal experience and partly due to the chauvanistic attitude men still have towards women in Italy. In fact, a part of the proceeds from Walls of Silence (and its Italian equivalent) will be donated to women's centre in the UK and Italy.

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