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The Dutchman (History and Horrors Short Story Collection Book 2)


Book Two in the History and Horrors Short Story Collection

As the water closes in over my head, I hear my father's words.
'Respect the sea. Never pretend to know her secrets.'
I'm a sailor, a swimmer. My legs ought to be reacting, kicking, trying to save me. Instead, I let the sea grab my heavy coat and pull me down. I'm dying, yes, I faintly comprehend this. But I've managed to escape.

It's a routine fishing trip off the coast of Ireland for Tom and his crew. But as night closes in, a mysterious galleon appears beside them.
Perhaps it's a mirage.
Perhaps there's a rational explanation.
Perhaps it's a ghost ship that will bring death to all who see it.

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Johanna Craven

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