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The First Time Ever: ' original, character-driven crime fiction' (Ted Darling crime series Book 1)


Ted Darling was about to kill a man. For the first time in his life…

You’ve never met a copper like Ted Darling. He’s small, quiet. He doesn’t smoke. He’s packed in the booze. But he’s a Specialist Firearms Officer. With black belts in four martial arts.

Then a shift in circumstances makes him swap guns for the CID. His first case is the brutal murder of a teenage girl. His new boss thinks he can wrap it up easily. Ted has doubts over the suspect.

Has he made the right choice in switching jobs? Or has he, as his Firearms boss warned him, committed career suicide?

Grab your copy NOW to find out why everyone’s talking about the Ted Darling crime series.

The First Time Ever (now available as an audio book) was written retrospectively as a backstory as the many avid readers of the Ted Darling Crime Series wanted to know what happened before. It can be read as a standalone or at any point in this popular crime fiction series

Best and worst of the reviews

Best: 5 stars ***** Amazon Reader BigDog

Started with a bang and then we met Phillip... Oh dear! Thankfully Ted booted Phillip out of his life and the book went from strength to strength. I can't tell you how much of a refreshing change it is to read a detective novel where the police actually call for back up, assess the situation before blundering in and getting themselves half killed/injured or dead. I loved the way the book was structured. It felt like you were in a real police station with genuine police officers doing the job as they are supposed to. Ted and Trev's relationship is brilliant. It also makes a change for a gay couple to be portrayed as normal, doing everyday things rather than the stereotypical "Hallo- this is a gay character here! I'm so right on! The relationship is brilliantly constructed and shows how completely normal it is.

The plot was engrossing and incredibly realistic. I think the realism is one of the greatest strengths. You don't have to suspend belief. You can easily imagine these things happening. The characters are all well drawn and fully rounded. It reads just like you were a fly on the wall in a real police station.

Have to say I really enjoyed it and I look forward to reading the others.

Worst: 1-star * Amazon Reader Miss Nomer

I only managed about 15 pages of this and then gave up. I agree with the other 1 and 2 star reviews. The homosexual love stuff is far too big a part of this.

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