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The Gemini Switch: Science stumbles into the the Spiritual Realm (The Gemini Trilogy Book 1)


Science versus religion, materialism versus spiritualism, this is a worldwide conflict that has ebbed and flowed across our cultural landscapes for centuries. What happens when science stumbles into the spiritual realm? How will this new confrontation impact your support of one camp over the other? What will it do to these two institutional pillars of the world as we know it? How will it change us all?

In The Gemini Switch, a Hard Science Fiction Novel by J.V. Scruggs, Scientists are conducting human trials for a new Epigenetic therapy for PTSD when they discover an astounding and unexpected side-effect of the treatment. In addition to better clinical outcomes, for some of their therapy recipients, the treatment also switches on profound spiritual perceptions. While the affected test subjects struggle to grasp their new-found perceptions, and the scientists confront the ethical, moral, and economic impacts of their discovery, rumors of what has transpired is leaked to outsiders, with deadly consequences.

A young veteran must rescue the woman who has reawakened his ability to love, from the religious extremists that have kidnapped her. These stories unfold across the southwestern United States; a desert urban oasis, a mountain college community, and the vast Navajo Reservation.

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J. V. Scruggs

The author, J. V. Scruggs, is driven to write by an intellectual passion. He is committed to producing artistic works that entertain, edify, and challenge his readers. His reward from this avocation comes when collaboration with his readers induces in them thoughtfulness where there was disregard, tolerance where there was prejudice, and peace where there was turmoil and angst. His fondest hope is that his readers might find their own new inspiration after contemplating what he has presented for them.

Scruggs uses his craft to produce a range of artistic works, from the miniscule, his photo-poetic pieces, to the monumental, his novels.

In his tiny snippets of poetry, sometimes paired with his own original photo imagery, Scruggs aspires to represent vast concepts and emotions with Spartan-simple phrases.

In his novels, a variety of well-developed characters journey across and between multiple story arcs to deal with disturbing conflicts in pursuit of redemption and resolution, or power and conquest. Each novel is sometimes romantic, sometimes life-affirming, and sometimes tragic and terrifying.

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