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The Golden Hourglass (Tales of Cubonia Book 1)


On a cube planet embroiled in magic, monsters, adventure, and sticky buns, a sinister plot unfolds that will join unlikely friends on a journey where the flow of time is variable and youth is at stake.

Cubonia's most famous treasure hunter, Broderick Porter, has just been hired to steal a necklace from Queen Annelise's youngest daughter, Alexandra. For one so skilled, it should be an easy job. But the princess has different plans. When Broderick shows up looking for the necklace, Alexandra makes him an offer: she will give up the necklace if he trains her to fulfill her dreams of hunting monsters. When the duo delivers the necklace to the dastardly Witch of the Wastes, Alexandra is taken prisoner by the Witch and Broderick finds himself in the royal prison. Now Broderick must rescue the princess and set things right before he finds his head in a guillotine.

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Ben Mariner

Ben Mariner is the award winning author of the Apocalypse Wow series, though all of those awards were self-presented. He has also written The Many Lives of Zane Montgomery which some people definitely read. When not writing, Ben can be found searching the globe for the lost city of Atlantis or attempting to break the record for most consecutive hours spent doing nothing in particular. He is an avid consumer of useless knowledge, a staunch supporter of not eating vegetables ever, and knows every single word to Will Smith’s 1997 album Big Willie Style. And, no, that’s not a joke.

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