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The Infernal Aether: Book 1 in the Infernal Aether Series


The Aether always held the universe together… but in the nineteenth century, it just might tear it apart.

London, 1865. A world being torn apart by supernatural terrors.

A drunken adventurer who just wants a quiet life.

A genius whose inventions tend to make bad situations worse.

A terrifying underworld of demons, spirits, golems and clockwork men.

When an exiled demon uses the power of the Aether to create Hell on Earth, Augustus Potts and his friends must face their darkest fears to save everything-and everyone-they hold dear.

Can Augustus stay sober long enough to foil the demon's plans?

Will Victorian London ever be the same again?

And what, exactly, is the Aether?

Dickens' London has never seemed so terrifying.The Infernal Aether is the first book in a gothic fantasy series which has been described as "fantasy at its best", "epic" and"no-holds-barred". If you like page turners with unpredictable twists and chills then you'll love Peter Oxley'sThe Infernal Aether.

Pick up The Infernal Aether and start exploring this terrifying new realm today.

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Peter Oxley

Pete Oxley is a writer and public speaking coach who lives in the English Home Counties. He enjoys reading and writing in a wide range of areas but his main passions are sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction and Steampunk. His influences include HG Wells, Charles Dickens, Neil Gaiman, KW Jeter, Scott Lynch, Clive Barker and Joss Whedon.

He is the author of the historical fantasy novels "The Infernal Aether" and "The Demon Inside". Book 3 in the series, to be titled "Beyond the Aether" will be out summer 2017. You can get a free copy of "A Christmas Aether", the follow-up novella to "The Infernal Aether" by joining Pete's readers list at

In non-fiction, Pete is the author of "The Wedding Speech Manual". Check out for free guides and access to Pete's exclusive wedding speech training course.

He lives with his wife, two young sons and a slowly growing guitar collection. Aside from writing and willingly speaking in front of large crowds of strangers, Pete spends his spare time playing music badly, supporting football teams that play badly, and writing about himself in the third person.

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