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The Laws and Lesson of Life: A Walk in Faith with Pictures


The Law of Prayer
God will not Break the Law or bend the rules for anyone.
He didn't do it for Jesus. He won't do it for you.
Prayer whether religious or not works Miracles.
Thank God for Good and Bad things per his will.
Yes, the Bad too. Believe that your prayer will be answered.
"Thy will not mine. In your Time, not mine"
Do you pray at noon, at bedtime or only on Sundays?
Pray is your dialogue with God. Not your Christmas card thank you note or wish list. I use to pray in the shower, bathroom, walking at night. My mother used to ask me to pray for her.
She said my prayers were always answered. The lord's Prayer. Not the words but the way, Jesus was saying. Humbled if closing your eyes, kneeling and folding your hands make you humbled then do it! Remember as children we must come before the Lord!
What does that really mean? Tell a child that pigs fly. Pigs will fly! He'll tell you so! 100% percent Faith. 100% Belief. What did Jesus say to his disciples when the waves rose you have no FAITH!!! What did Jesus say when everyone was crying over Lazarus death. WHY Are You Crying??? He is only asleep. Again, you have no Faith!! I tell my son something he tells ME and his Mother as it is fact. His mother told him his sniffles were just allergies. He then tells himself this new fact and YOU! Our Lord expects nothing less from you. Thank him for answering your prayer. Nor did he not say: Whatever you say in my name shall be done. Do what my son does. Ask the Father. Then tell the father Thank You for doing what you said you would do. That's Faith! Don't I repeat don't try to guess him. He will provide. Though not the way you think or want. (I tried that. It doesn't work) Lastly Love thy Lord with all your heart. He loves you cries for you, as does the Holy Spirit. Oh, one more thing; God has people pray for you. As he has you pray for others. He will not give unless asked whether he knows it's needed or not. It's part of The Law.

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