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The Lion and the Peacock: How I Conquered Anxiety


Do you, or a loved one, struggle with Anxiety? Are you tired of feeling that you are at the mercy of your body, the experts, and situations that you can't control? Do you feel that traditional advice leaves you feeling as though you are swimming against the tide?

In The Lion and the Peacock, Jennifer shares candidly about her life with Anxiety, Stress, and Panic Attacks. Using very simple analogies, Jennifer weaves a tale that helps to turn the complicated processes within the body and the mind, into an inspiring and well-written story that pulls her readers into each moment. Through her vulnerability and honesty, she will take you through her experiences and learnings, leaving you feeling validated and equipped.

Through her stories, unique techniques, and the workbook at the back, you will learn how to:

* Unpack your own anxiety journey
* Listen to your body and understand what it is doing and why
* Use the tide to work for you instead of having to fight against it
* Create a safe world around you to forge a way forward
* Beat anxiety once and for all

Jennifer presents her story of trial, hope, and victory in this easy to read, eloquently written resource that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired.

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Jennifer Peacock-Smith

Jennifer Peacock-Smith was born in South Africa in the late sixties to passionate parents struggling to find their place and to make a difference in their worlds of apartheid, feminism, and strict religion. Little Jenny quickly found herself falling through the cracks in their battle to be different, better, and "cleverer" than those before them or around them, and her mother’s fight to break the moulds. Born a girl instead of a boy, bubbly instead of serious, fun and talented instead of academic, everything about her was “wrong".

Neglect doesn’t always look like dirty or starved or diseased or beaten. Neglect is chronic and often invisible. In a small bubble entirely cut off from the rest of the world, scrawny little Jenny's voice, squashed by her parent’s need to find their own, is swiftly silenced, again and again. However, her shine refused to die and survived within her as a spark, a fighting spirit, and a sense of hope that defies logic.

It took five decades, six countries, multiple diagnoses, and ultimately a physical and emotional collapse for Jennifer to successfully find her voice, to thrive, to get the medical and psychological care she needed, and to begin the journey to a place of sanity and peace. Her story is one of crushing loneliness and isolation, but more than that, it's ultimately a story of resilience, hope, and redemption in ways that she could never have imagined.

A mentor, counsellor, artist, and now a successful author, Jennifer writes for various blogs, The Mighty, and other public spaces on neglect, emotional abuse, anxiety, disability and chronic illness. You can find her on most social media platforms under @JPeaSmith.

She is the author of "The Lion and the Peacock” and the first in her epic story “My Africa My Home - The Fault in the Family Memoir #1”.

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