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The Little Book of Rude Limericks


From the north of England…
A greedy young fellow from York
Was exceptionally fond of roast pork.
When he saw the dish come
He'd cry 'Yummy, yum-yum!'
And excitedly flourish his fork.

to the south of France…

A cheerful young fellow named Trev
Went off for a romp in Lodève.
But he soon lost his smile
When he caught something vile
In a house of delight called Mon Rêve.

this little book of limericks - mostly naughty rather than downright rude (but there are exceptions!) - ranges far and wide. Open it and learn how a knight-errant with a lisp can still command respect; how ladies on the autoroute don't give their favours away for free, and how tajine is really only a posh word for stew.

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Patricia Feinberg Stoner

Patricia Feinberg Stoner is a former journalist, advertising copywriter and publicist.  For four years she and her husband were accidental expatriates in the Languedoc, in southern France.  Now back in the UK she lives with her husband and dog in the pretty WestSussex village of Rustington, where Michael Flanders once encountered a gnu and the mobility scooter is king.

She spends much of her time writing short stories and comic verse, many of which have been published in print and online.  Her first book, 'Paw Prints in the Butter' is a collection of humorous poems about cats, which is sold in aid of a local animal charity for which she volunteers.

Patricia is the leader of a West Sussex creative writing group, the Arun Scribes.  She welcomes visitors to her Facebook page, Paw Prints in the Butter, and to her blog  You can occasionally follow her @perdisma.


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